Security Tag

Arnage have the skills and experience required to takeover and upgrade existing security systems as well as maintain them, even if we were not the original installers, and at the same time by reusing as many of your original component parts as possible we can provide a very cost effective upgraded system.

Some of the benefits of having an Anarge Electronic Retail Tagging System

Deters shoplifters to retain profits

Clothing Security Tags stop dressing room swapping

Maximum detection rating to reduce losses

Fast return on investment with immediate results

Wider aisle capability – any width of exit can be secured

Flexibility of tagging – hard and soft tags/paper labels to suit most merchandise

Stable and reliable system needing minimal technical support

Arnage Core Values

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service. At Arnage you have one point of contact to give you all the assistance you need with your system solutions.


Our system solutions are tailored to your needs. We integrate with your business and current systems to minimise any disruption.

Customer Satisfaction

When you charge Arnage with the installation or upgrade of your systems we guarantee complete satisfaction at all times.


We use the most up to date technologies to provide the best protection and solution for your property, business and user.

Arnage are accredited with the following