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Access Control Systems

Arnage can supply, install and commission a full range of access control equipment, ranging from small entry level systems comprising of a few doors, to large computer managed online systems with photo ID.

Electronic access control is one of the safest and most cost effective ways in which to protect property, staff and visitors, coupled by managing and monitoring access and egress from any area of a building.


Key features and advantages of an Arnage Electronic Access Control Installation


Electronic Keys are Difficult to Duplicate: Physical keys can be copied, duplicating electronic keys or discovering an access code is far more difficult. Your Electronic access system is inherently far more secure than it could ever be with physical keys.

  • History Logging: Every entry to your sites is logged and available for later review. This can be an invaluable tool when investigating tracking both staff activity and response time along with increasing security.
  • Customisation: Electronic access control can give you the ability to set user-level access rights all the way down to individual doors and times. This can both help with employee management and minimize your exposure to risk by granting no more site access than is necessary.


Never Change a lock: An electronic user database means that you never have to change locks at your sites. If a key card is ever lost, it can be removed from the database and a new one can be issued. If an employee leaves your company, his or her access rights can be deleted within seconds. This greatly lowers your overall exposure to risk

  • One Key Can Fit All: With electronic access, your single key or access code grants you access to every door you need to access, so there's no chance of forgetting the key for a particular door. If you get to a site where you need access and you are not recognized by the system, a network operator can add you or your supervisor to the list instantly.
  • Remote "Buzz In": If a tech or outside contractor needs access to a locked site, you can open that door remotely from your central terminal.

Continued Involvement

We believe it essential to retain the involvement by the senior management of the company in any access control project. From inception through to completion Arnage Electronic Security will liaise with senior management in order to provide the client with the best possible individual attention support along with full visibility of the project.

Intruder Alarms

Arnage can supply, install and commission a full range of either stand alone, multizone or totally integrated intruder detection systems. Some of the detection devices used are passive infrared, microwave, buried cable, vibration sensing and smartwater index solution.

Smartwater index is a revolutionary security system that uses state of the art forensic science to deter criminals and protect your premises, the system contains a unique DNA style chemical code created exclusively for your premises by smartwater technicians, no two premises will have the same smartwater code.

Arnage can design, install and maintain a whole array of intruder detection systems and provide connection to a third party alarm receiving centre to maintain the monitoring and protection of the premises when vacant.


Arnage have the skills and experience required to takeover and upgrade existing security systems as well as maintain them, even if we were not the original installers, and at the same time by reusing as many of your original component parts as possible we can provide a very cost effective upgraded system.

Retail Tagging Solutions

Arnage can supply, install and commission a full range of electronic retail tagging systems which help retailers to prevent shoplifting. Our AM System is software driven and constantly adjusts itself to the environment it protects


Some of the benefits of having an Anarge Electronic Retail Tagging System

  • Deters shoplifters to retain profits
  • Maximum detection rating to reduce losses
  • Fast return on investment with immediate results
  • Wider aisle capability – any width of exit can be secured
  • Flexibility of tagging – hard and soft tags/paper labels to suit most merchandise
  • Maximum detection rating to reduce losses
  • Stable and reliable system needing minimal technical support

About Arnage

The Company designs, installs and maintains electronic security systems in accordance with the current requirements contained in relevant British and European Standards, Industry Codes of Practice and NACOSS Gold Approval Criteria.

The company's capability covers domestic, retail, commercial and industrial security installations.

Anarge operate throughout the United Kingdom from a number of locations in order for us to provide the 4 hrs Maximum response time as required by Current Standards and Codes of Practice for an emergency response to intruder and hold-up alarm systems.

Where circumstances require the use of subcontractors, will be in accordance with NSI criteria.

We Are committed to providing a competent and professional service. Essential to this commitment is the Company's desire to keep pace with new technology. Input of new ideas from employees is always welcomed.

Company staff are trained accordingly when new procedures or techniques are introduced.


Our sister company Broadcast Sound Systems limited offers a full range of Audio installations and Maintenance from Induction loops and speech transfer systems to Building Tannoy and evacuation solutions. Take a look at the Audio solutions BSS has to offer you here

Our Clients

  • Taskers Home Stores
  • Sports Direct
  • HCA 
  • Townley Hughes
  • Consort Consultancy Services (IOM)
  • DW Sports fitness
  • Powerleague
  • Formby Point Caravan Park
  • Broadcast Sound Systems
  • Archer Architects
  • Queenscourt Hospice
  • Altmoto, motorbike specialists
  • McCue Interior Fitout Solutions
  • G4S
  • Honeywell
  • Freelance Professional Services (IOM)
  • Nunu Children's nurseries
  • VHE Construction
  • Wrightington Best Western Hotel & Country Club
  • NG Bailey
  • Manchester Courts of Justice
  • Amspec Limited, spatial design & furniture
  • Buxton Water Limited
  • LX Engineers

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Latest News

Arnage Electronic Security Ltd has just completed the installation of the new site wide Guardian staff safety system at Preston Magistrates Court

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our customer service. At Arnage you have one point of contact to give you all the assistance you need with your security solutions.


Our security solutions are tailored to your needs. We integrate with your business and current systems to minimize any disruption

Customer Satisfaction

When you charge Arnage with the installation or upgrade of your security systems we guarantee complete satisfaction at all times.


We use the most up to date security technologies to provide the best protection for your property, business and members of staff


Arnage are accredited by the Construction line contractors


We are a recommended installer of Smartwater Systems


Arnage are an accredited contractor of the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)

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Arnage have been accredited by NSI